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Tha Carter III 3LP Deluxe Edition

Lil Wayne

Lil Wayne’s classic Tha Carter III is celebrating its fifteenth anniversary in a new special edition package that comes with a bonus LP of music, including the entirety of the infamous The Leak EP on vinyl for the first time. The package also comes with artwork from the New Orleans artists Jay.  




Side A

  1.  3 Peat
  2. Mr. Carter
  3. A Milli
  4. Got Money
  5. Comfortable


Side B

  1. Dr. Carter
  2. Phone Home
  3. Tie My Hands
  4. Mrs. Officer


Side C 

  1. Let The Beat Build
  2. Shoot Me Down
  3. Lollipop
  4. La La


Side D 

  1. Pussy Monster
  2. You Ain't Got Nuthin
  3. DontGetIt


Side E

  1. Action
  2. Whip It
  3. Lollipop (Remix)
  4. Prostitute 2


Side F

  1. I'm Me
  2. Gossip
  3. Kush
  4. Love Me Or Hate Me
  5. Talkin About It