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Watertown LP

Frank Sinatra

Released in 1970, Watertown is a lost masterpiece. It was a turning point for Frank Sinatra: a concept album from the man who pioneered the concept album, written by Bob Gaudio, of Four Seasons fame, and Jake Holmes, who previously had written the Four Seasons’ own concept album. Despite a top 5 AC chart showing for the single “I Would Be In Love (anyway),” the album was poorly received at the time, but has gone through a re-evaluation in recent years and is now considered one of Sinatra’s finest recordings. All tracks have been newly mixed from the original session tapes, with the LP edition featuring the original 10-track sequence, a package with all original lyrics, a printed sleeve with new liner notes, a track-by-track breakdown from Mr. Gaudio, and a 12” X 24” poster.


  1. Watertown
  2. Goodbye (She Quietly Says)
  3. For A While
  4. Michael & Peter
  5. I Would Be In Love (Anyway)
  6. Elizabeth
  7. What A Funny Girl (You Used To Be)
  8. What’s Now Is Now
  9. She Says
  10. The Train