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Underwater 2LP

Ludovico Einaudi

A manifesto for life and a statement for this time when the world around was quiet and silent. The album is a place that is not our everyday life. It's a space to float without boundaries, to freely reflect.

The music came naturally, more than ever before. I felt a sense of freedom to abandon myself and to let the music flow in a different way. I didnít have a filter between me and what came out of the piano, it felt very pure. I call it song writing and not composing, it was a fresh approach for me. When you are writing a song it is like breathing, the form is short. A song is like the beauty of a single breath - a wave that comes and goes. It's beautiful as it is - it needs nothing else.

Ludovico Einaudi


1. Luminous

2. Rolling Like A Ball

3. Indian Yellow

4. Flora

5. Natural Light

6. Almost June

7. Swordfish

8. Wind Song

9. Atoms

10. Temple White

11. Nobody Knows

12. Underwater