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Things Fall Apart (Alternative Cover 4)

The Roots

Originally released in 1999, The Root's fourth studio album reissue will be a limited edition 2LP featuring 4 alternate cover variations. The album, named after the W.B. Yeats poem ‘The Second Coming,’ was art directed by the legendary Kenny Gravillis, who chose five different designs for the cover; each one is a striking image that represents moments in history when humanity was at a breaking point. 

Things Fall Apart is widely considered The Legendary Roots Crew most ambitious masterpiece. The album features urban legends Erykah Badu, Common, Mos Def, and more.

This version features alternative cover 4.


A1. "Act Won (Things Fall Apart)"
A2. "Table Of Content (Parts 1 & 2)"
A3. "The Next Movement"
A4. "Step Into The Relm"
A5. "The Spark"

B1. "Dynamite!"
B2. "Without A Doubt"
B3. "Ain't Saying Nothin' New"
B4. "Double Trouble"

C1. "Act Too (The Love Of My Life)"
C2. "100% Dundee"
C3. "Diedre Vs. Dice"
C4. "Adrenaline!"
C5. "3rd Acts: ? Vs. Scratch 2...Electric Boogaloo"

D1. "You Got Me"
D2. "Don't See Us"
D3. "The Return To Innocence Lost"
D4. "Act Fore... The End?"