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The Miracle (Collector's Edition 2CD)



The album as originally released on CD, remastered by Bob Ludwig in 2011 from the original first-generation master mixes.


A fascinating window into the band’s creative process featuring much sought-after original takes, demos and early versions, including the new single ‘Face It Alone’, among six previously unheard tracks. Just as revealing – and sure to be prized by the Queen hardcore – are the spoken exchanges between the four members at the Townhouse, Olympic and Mountain Studios, giving listeners a unique snapshot of their friendship and working dynamic.




CD1 - 2011 Bob Ludwig Master

  1. Party
  2. Khashoggi's Ship
  3. The Miracle
  4. I Want It All
  5. The Invisible Man
  6. Breakthru
  7. Rain Must Fall
  8. Scandal
  9. My Baby Does Me
  10. Was It All Worth It

CD2 - The Miracle Sessions

  1. Party (Original Take)
  2. Khashoggi’s Ship (Original Take)
  3. The Miracle (Original Take With John’s Ending)
  4. I Want It All (Original Take)
  5. The Invisible Man (Early Version With Guide Vocal)
  6. When Love Breaks Up (Demo)
  7. Breakthru (Real Drums And Bass)
  8. Rain Must Fall (Demo)
  9. Scandal (Original Rough Mix)
  10. My Baby Loves Me
  11. Was It All Worth It (Original Take)
  12. You Know You Belong To Me
  13. I Guess We’re Falling Out (Demo)
  14. Dog With A Bone
  15. Water (Demo)
  16. Face It Alone