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Steady Hot Pink LP


 There are so many moments peppered through the 30-year history of Canadian indie rock heroes Sloan that set them well apart from the pack. From the band’s earliest home studio recordings that married their pop smarts with fizzy, fuzzed out guitars right up to later efforts that contain multitudes in their track listings, ranging from Dylanesque streams of consciousness to short, sharp blasts of power pop. Somehow, it all remains quintessentially Sloan.

 Ultimately, whatever appeals most to you when looking at the big, still-developing story that is Sloan, there is one fact that is incontrovertible. In 2022, some 30 years on from when it all began, with the release of their 13th full-length album 'Steady', the tale is – thankfully – far from over. 


  1. Magical Thinking
  2. Spend The Day
  3. She Put Up With What She Put Down
  4. Human Nature
  5. Scratch The Surface
  6. Panic On Runnymede
  7. Dream It All Over Again
  8. Nice Work If You Can Get It
  9. Simply Leaving
  10. Close Encounters
  11. I Dream Of Sleep
  12. Keep Your Name Alive