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St. Jude (15th Anniversary) White LP

Side A
  1. Aftershow 
  2. Cavorting 
  3. Bide Your Time 
  4. What Took You So Long 
  5. Please Don't 
  6. If It Wasn't For Me 

Side B 

  1. No You Didn't, No You Don't 
  2. How Come 
  3. Kings Of The New Road 
  4. Not Nineteen Forever 
  5. Fallowfield Hillbilly 
  6. Yesterday, Today & Probably Tomorrow 

Side C

  1. That Kiss 
  2. It'll Take More Than A Weekend Away To Fix This Mess 
  3. Smith's Disco 
  4. Trying Too Hard To Score 
  5. Slow Down 
  6. Not One Could I Give 
  7. Jacket 

Side D 

  1. Saw This And Fort Of You 
  2. Car 31 
  3. I'm Sticking With You 
  4. About You Now 
  5. Dream A Little Dream Of Me 
  6. New Romantic 
  7. Out To Get You