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Ron Sexsmith LP

Ron Sexsmith is celebrating the release of self-titled major label debut album with a 25th anniversary vinyl reissue.

Ron Sexsmith originally arrived back in '95 via Interscope Records and was produced by Mitchell Froom. As Sexsmith himself put it, the album was his "shy and awkward introduction to the world…my sparse, almost black and white debut."

For the 25th anniversary reissue of the album, Sexsmith has made a few changes. Mainly, the songwriter has restored the tracklist that he originally envisioned for the album.


1. Secret Heart
2. There's A Rhythm
3. Words We Never Use
4. Summer Blowin' Town
5. Lebanon Tennessee
6. Speaking With The Angel
7. In Place Of You
8. Heart With No Companion
9. Several Miles
10. From A Few Streets Over
11. First Chance I Get
12. Wastin' Time
13. Galbraith Street