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Ocean Avenue (Yellow & Black Splatter LP)

Certified double platinum in the US by the RIAA, gold in Canada, and silver in the UK, Ocean Avenue solidified Yellowcard’s indelible mark on the music world.  The undying esteem that the album owns has not diminished in the twenty years since its release. With signature singles “Way Away”, “Only One” and the title track “Ocean Avenue” among the 13 tracks, it not only marks their entrance into the mainstream but also the stratospheric success of the band whose subsequent albums cemented the band’s legacy in the history of alternative music.


    Side A

    1. Way Away
    2. Breathing
    3. Ocean Avenue
    4. Empty Apartment
    5. Life Of A Salesman
    6. Only One

    Side B

    1. Miles Apart
    2. Twentythree
    3. View From Heaven
    4. Inside Out
    5. Believe
    6. One Year, Six Months
    7. Back Home