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News Of The World LP


The News Of The World album was released on October 28th 1977 in the UK (the same day that Queen recorded their final session for BBC radio) and on November 1st in America. For the first time, this album fared better in America than in the band's home country, reaching No 3 in the Billboard chart and No 4 in Britain. The first single released from News Of The World was the worldwide coupling of We Are The Champions and We Will Rock You, penned by Freddie and Brian respectively. Released on October 7th, the single reached No 2 in the charts and #2 on Billboard in the USA. Although it is often said that Crazy Little Thing Called Love (1979) was Queen's first American chart topper, the Champions / Rock You single reached the top spot of Record World's chart, and thus, technically, gave the band their first American No 1.

The two songs matched each other so well that in America the record company requested permission to release the single as a double A-side, and subsequently both songs were given equal airplay – giving Elektra Records their biggest selling single to date, with over two million copies sold. Singles from this album: We Are The Champions / We Will Rock You / Spread Your Wings / It’s Late. 


  1. We Will Rock You 
  2. We Are The Champions 
  3. Sheer Heart Attack
  4. All Dead, All Dead 
  5. Spread Your Wings 
  6. Fight From The Inside
  7. Get Down, Make Love 
  8. Sleeping On The Sidewalk 
  9. Who Needs You 
  10. It's Late 
  11. My Melancholy Blues