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Music of My Mind LP

Stevie Wonder

The album, released on March 3, 1972, marked the beginning of Wonder’s creative relationship with co-producers Robert Margouleff and Malcolm Cecil, of the electronic duo Tonto’s Expanding Headband. The pair would later help to shape several of his more celebrated works of genius during the 1970s.

Music of My Mind was no commercial sensation, but it stands tall among Stevie’s most important work, both in terms of his ever more profound songwriting sensibility, and in its use of his new best friend in the studio, the synthesizer. Everything he had learned about musicianship, engineering, and production during his long apprenticeship in the Snakepit at Motown Studios come together here on this record.

It features the singles "Superwoman (Where Were You When I Needed You)" and "Keep on Running".


  1. Love Having You Around
  2. Superwoman
  3. I Love Every Little Thing About You
  4. Sweet Little Girl
  5. Happier Than The Morning Sun
  6. Girl Blue
  7. Seems So Long
  8. Keep On Running
  9. Evil