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Eternity Now LP

Big Sugar

Five years after their last album with Big Sugar thriving on a new wave of energy, enthusiasm and optimism.

Grammy-nominated Gordie Johnson applies his signature 1970s thump and psycho-acoustic dub effects throughout the production of Eternity Now. Recorded and mixed at his Soundshack Studio in Austin, Texas, the album was written and composed entirely by Gordie and his wife Alex, resulting in a deeply personal record. Each track is rooted in his history of depression, addiction, self-destruction and redemption. After band-member defections and dealing with the death of Rasta elder and longtime band member Garry Lowe in July 2018, Eternity Now as an album and ìThe Better It Getsî as the first single, represent the next chapter in their personal lives and that of Big Sugar.

You can hear the magic flying between Johnson and his diverse troupe, this is a new kind of magic: a shiny alchemy that compliments their hard-won transformation. A leaner, cleaner sound that swings from Tejano border rock to prog and psychedelia thanks in part to a guest appearance by Alex Lifeson of Rush on the title track. Gordie Johnsonís Big Sugar includes longtime friend and bassist Big Ben Richardson, keyboard and percussionist Alex Johnson, Rey Arteaga a master of Afro Cuban rhythms on congas and Reggae drummer Richard Brown.

Big Sugar will be announcing upcoming North American tour dates in the weeks to come.

Track Listing

Side A
1. Eternity Now
2. Love Is Alive
3. The Better It Gets
4. Wonder Woman
5. Anything Is Possible
Side B
6. New Event Horizon
7. Ultra Violet
8. Strange Spectacular
9. Everything You Want It To Be