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Descendant 2LP

Jann Arden

Produced by Bob Rock, Russell Broom and Jann Arden, Descendant arrives as a 15-song collection representing the last 18 months of Arden’s life and headspace. A bold, beautiful, and empowering sound of Jann Arden, Descendant signifies a return to form for the multifaceted artist, reflecting on where she came from and where she is headed, including highlights “Steady On”, “Was I Ever 13” and “Love Will Be Waiting”.


Side A
1. Unbreakable
2. I Belong To Nobody
3. Descendant
4. Was I Ever 13

Side B
5. Steady On
6. Moonbow
7. Loving You Is like A Job
8. Love Will Be Waiting

Side C
9. Good For Nothing
10. Coming Back To You
11. Horse Country Girl
12. Hindsight

Side D
13. Pink
14. In A Moment
15. Glass Jar

Produced by Bob Rock, Russell Broom and Jann Arden