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Creature (Remaster) LP


The band also announced the release of single LP remasters of their iconic albums, Silver, Creature, and Mercedes Five and Dime, all set for release on November 29, for the first time on 180g vinyl.

On the 2019 remastered releases Moist says, ìWeíve had an absolute blast playing Silver front to back for the faithful and new converts over the past year. When we recorded the album we had no idea it would resonate with so many people or that weíd still be on this amazing journey 25 years on. Working on the re-release ñ going through the music, the photos, the bits of tour memorabilia ñ reminded us of how much we love making music together and how incredibly grateful we are to everyone whoís supported us over the years.î

Released in 1994, Silver is the debut studio album from Moist. The album includes the alternative rock anthems, "Push", "Silver" and "Believe Me".
Earlier this year, Moist singer David Usher, guitarist Mark Makoway, and keyboardist Kevin Young reunited with bassist Jeff Pearce to tour together as a unit for the first time since 2013, for the Silver 25th Anniversary Tour. The group hit the stage to perform Silver in its entirety, as well as favourites from their 25-plus year career, at select venues across Canada.