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Catch A Fire (50th Anniversary) (3 X LP Colour + 12" Single)

Bob Marley & The Wailers

Catch A Fire is the fifth studio album by Bob Marley and the Wailers and the first to be released by Island Records UK. Originally having a limited release under the name, The Wailers in a sleeve depicting a Zippo lighter, designed by graphic artists Rod Dyer and Bob Weiner. Future releases would have the classic portrait of Marley smoking a “spliff” and crediting the band as Bob Marley and the Wailers with the image taken by Esther Anderson. A tour taking place in the UK and US generating international interest in the band.

Critical acclaim has included the album being listed at number 126 on Rolling Stone’s 500 Greatest Albums of All Time, It is regarded as one of the top reggae albums of all time.



LP1 - Studio Album

  1. Concrete Jungle
  2. Slave Driver
  3. 400 Years
  4. Stop That Train
  5. Baby We've Got A Date (Rock It Baby)
  6. Stir It Up
  7. Kinky Reggae
  8. No More Trouble
  9. Midnight Ravers

LP2 - Paris Theatre London / 24th May 1973

  1. Rastaman Chant
  2. Slave Driver
  3. Stop That Train
  4. No More Trouble
  5. 400 Years
  6. Midnight Ravers
  7. Stir it Up
  8. Concrete Jungle
  9. Get Up, Stand Up
  10. Kinky Reggae

LP3 - Sessions

  1. Slave Driver (Jamaican Extended Version)
  2. 400 Years (Jamaican Extended Version)
  3. High Tide Or Low Tide (Jamaican Alternate Version)
  4. Stir It Up (Jamaican Alternate Version)
  5. No More Trouble (Jamaican Extended Instrumental)
  6. Stir It Up (Jamaican Extra Organ Version)
  7. No More Trouble (Jamaican Extended Version)
  8. Stop That Train (Working Mono Version)

12" - Edmonton Sundown May 1973

  1. Slave Driver (The Sundown Theatre in Edmonton, England. May 1973)
  2. Get Up, Stand Up (The Sundown Theatre in Edmonton, England. May 1973)
  3. Stop That Train (The Sundown Theatre in Edmonton, England. May 1973)