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Chemical City Redux 2LP

Sam Roberts Band

Recorded with Producer Mark Howard in Australia in 2005, the album was finalized in Montreal with childhood friend and producer Joseph Donovan and released on April 11, 2006. Chemical City is the bandís sophomore album, it impressively debuted at #3 in Canada and is certified platinum.

The special anniversary edition of Chemical City is completely remastered and includes four previously unreleased bonus tracks known as ìThe Lost Sideî; Fall Before You Finish, Major Minor, The Cathedral, and Step Inside. In addition to the reissue there are also plans for Chemical City (Redux) 2LP edition set for later this year along with a D2C colour exclusive vinyl.

Describing ìThe Lost Sideî and the making of the album, Sam Roberts shared, ìSomewhere in all of the chaos of creating the album, a few of the songs were left behind. Either unmixed, unfinished or lostÖ Chemical City was released in 2006, ten songs and one blank side and has lived that way ever since. He continued, ìthe truth is that there is a fourth side with songs and characters that complete the story. These songs are Major Minor (previously unreleased), Fall Before You Finish (previously released as a bonus track, now remixed and including missing tracks), The Cathedral (previously unreleased, was lost and foundÖ) and Step Inside (previously released as a Japanese single, now remixed including missing tracks).î


Disc One Side A

1. The Gate

2. Bridge To Nowhere

3. With A Bullet

Disc One Side B

4. Mind Flood

5. Uprising Down Under

6. Mystified, Heavy

Disc Two Side C

7. An American Draft Dodger In Thunder Bay

8. The Bootleg Saint

9. The Resistance

10. A Stone Would Cry Out

Disc Two Side D

11. Fall Before You Finish

12. Major Minor

13. The Cathedral

14. Step Inside