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And The Conquering Sun with The Sadies

Gord Downie

Gordon Downie is the driving force behind Canadian cult heroes the Tragically Hip, though, on the basis of this mercurial sophomore solo album, notions of status are the farthest thing from his ever-restless mind. The material here ranges from the ambitious pop musings of and jagged Bowie/Eno soundcapes chasing a Hank Williams sensibility, to the gentle introspection. His parallel career as poet informs the stream-of-consciousness dialogs of "Willow Logic" and the spare, hypnotic "Who By Rote," while his sense of mischief willfully tweaks punk sensibilities as ossified as anything they're ostensibly railing against on the incessantly mocking "Hardcore." There's enough anxious creativity here to fuel a half-dozen lesser albums, fueled by ambitions that seem as antsy as they are artsy and informed by the compelling sense that Downie's music is channeled straight from his ever-churning subconscious mind. --Jerry McCulley


  1. Crater
  2. The Conquering Sun
  3. Los Angeles Times
  4. One Good Fast Job
  5. It Didn't Start to Break My Heart Until This Afternoon
  6. Budget Shoes
  7. Demand Destruction
  8. Devil Enough
  9. I'm Free, Disarray Me
  10. Saved