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Accelerate LP


Accelerate is R.E.M.’s 14th studio album, released in 2008. The album was intended as a departure from their last album, Around the Sun, and was complimented for the aggressive, purposeful sound of the songs. Stipe said his lyrics on Accelerate were inspired by the contemporary state of the nation, saying, “When the empire is going down the toilet, it’s easy to write great, angry songs” (Spin). It debuted at #2 on the Billboard 200 and stayed on the chart for 18 weeks. The album contains fan favorite “Supernatural Superserious.”

“One of the best records R.E.M. have ever made.” —  Rolling Stone




Side A

  1. Living Well Is The Best Revenge
  2. Man-Sized Wreath
  3. Supernatural Superserious
  4. Hollow Man
  5. Houston
  6. Accelerate

Side B

  1. Until The Day Is Done
  2. Mr. Richards
  3. Sing For The Submarine
  4. Horse To Water
  5. I’m Gonna DJ