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12 Orange LP


  • Canadian exclusive translucent orange vinyl
  • Retro style 'tip on' sleeve, the most beautiful record sleeve option on the market today

Sloan are one of the rare bands to make it to their 12th album with all four original members who are equally prolific songwriters and all still working at the top of their respective games, sounding utterly ageless in the process. Sloan 12 includes three songs written by each member with the band being eager to initiate more creative cross-pollination in their song-writing.

Each of the four individuals contribute unique qualities that play into their core strengths: Patrick Pentland with the soaring rock anthems, Chris Murphy with the playful, participatory sing-alongs, Jay Ferguson with the jaunty prog-pop gems, and Andrew Scott with the whimsical innerspace explorations. While the 12 songs on Sloan 12 greatly emphasize each member's distinct personality, they're all ultimately united by their lean economy and punchy precision.


  1. Spin Our Wheels
  2. All Of The Voices
  3. Right To Roam
  4. Gone For Good
  5. The Day Will Be Mine
  6. Essential Services
  7. Don't Stop (If It Feels Good Do It)
  8. Year Zero
  9. Have Faith
  10. The Lion's Share
  11. Wish Upon A Satellite
  12. 44 Teenagers