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22 Dreams 2LP

Paul Weller

UK double vinyl LP pressing. 2008 release, Paul Weller's ninth solo studio album in an amazing 30 year career that saw him front The Jam and The Style Council. Recorded over the course of a year at Paul's own Black Barn Studios in Surrey, 22 Dreams is a kaleidoscopic tour de force incorporating Rock, Funk, Soul, Free Jazz, Krautrock, Classical, Spoken Word, Electronica and all stops in between. It's a seventy minute (m)odyssey delivered with a verve and ambition to shame musicians half his age. With production by Weller and Simon Dine, 22 Dreams features a roll call that includes ever-faithful guitarist Steve Cradock plus appearances from the likes of Noel Gallagher and Gem Archer from Oasis, Little Barrie and Graham Coxon. In career terms, 22 Dreams is as bold, brave and exhilarating as those other classic albums released when Paul was at a creative crossroads -All Mod Cons, Confessions Of A Pop Group and Wildwood. Island.

Side A
  1. Light Nights
  2. 22Dreams
  3. All I Wanna Do (Is Be With You)
  4. Have You Made Up Your Mind
  5. Empty Ring
Side B
  1. Invisible
  2. Song For Alice
  3. Cold Moments
  4. The Dark Pages Of September Lead To The New Leaves Of Spring
  5. Black River
Side C
  1. Why Walk When You Can Run
  2. Push It Along
  3. Dream Reprise
  4. Echoes Round The Sun
  5. One Bright Star
  6. Lullaby Fur Kinder
Side D
  1. Where’er Ye Go
  2. God
  3. 111
  4. Sea Spray
  5. Night Lights