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Middle Of Nowhere Limited Edition Coloured 2LP

 Hanson’s debut multi-platinum Pop hit album finally arrives on vinyl for the first time! They shook the world with the #1 Classic “MMMBop” and help set the Pop evolution on fire from that point on. Being an actual 3-piece band, Middle Of Nowhere showcases the true talent of the young trio as not just a boy band. With all the songs written by them, Hanson created a very strong debut album. Other hits included here “Where’s The Love”, “I Will Come To You” and “Thinking Of You”. This limited edition not only includes newly remastered audio, but a few newly released remixes as well.


A1. Thinking Of You 
A2. MMMBop 
A3. Weird 
A4. Speechless
A5. Where's The Love 

B1. Yearbook 
B2. Look At You 
B3. Lucy 
B4. Will Come To You 

C1. A Minute Without You (Garage Mix) 
C2. Madeline 
C3. With You In Your Dreams 
C4. Man From Milwaukee 
C5. Cry 

D1. MMMBop (Dust Brothers Mix) 
D2. Where's The Love (Tommy D. Londinium Dub) 
D3. MMMBop (Berman Brothers Club Mix) 
D4. MMMBop (New Jack Remix-Main Pass)