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Another World Box Set

Brian May

Lift Lid Box – Fitment for 2CDs (in wallets) and enamel Badge. 180g 1LP sky blue colour vinyl with printed inner & single LP outer sleeve. CD1: Album remastered, CD2: Bonus tracks & 24 Page 12 x 12 Book



Disc 1 – Another World   

  1. Space (Brian May)                                             
  2. Business (Brian May) 
  3. China Belle (Brian May) 
  4. Why Don’t We Try Again (Brian May) 
  5. On My Way Up (Brian May) 
  6. Cyborg (Brian May) 
  7. The Guv’nor (Brian May) 
  8. Wilderness (Brian May) 
  9. Slow Down (Larry Williams) 
  10. One Rainy Wish (Jimi Hendrix) 
  11. All The Way From Memphis (Ian Hunter) 
  12. Another World (Brian May) 
  13. Being On My Own (Brian May) 

Disc 2 – Another Disc 

  1. Brian Talks (Brian May) 
  2. “The Business” (Rock On Cozy Mix) (Brian May) 
  3. Hot Patootie* (Richard O’Brien) 
  4. F.B.I. (Original Ruff Mix With Real Bass And Drums) (Bruce Welch/Hank Brian Marvin/Jet Harris) 
  5. Maybe Baby* (Norman Petty/Charles Hardin) 
  6. It’s Only Make Believe* (Conway Twitty/Jack Nance) 
  7. Otro Lugar (Brian May) 
  8. Cyborg (Solo Instrumental Version) (Brian May) 
  9. Business Stings (Brian May) 
  10. I’ll Be Prayin’ (Brian May) 
  11. On My Way Up (Guitar Version) (Brian May) 
  12. The Last Great Optimist (Brian May) 
  13. On My Way Up (Live in Paris, June ’98) (Brian May) 
  14. Hammer To Fall (Live in Paris, June ’98) (Brian May) 
  15. My Boy (Brian May) 

*guest vocal T.E. Conway 

Sky Blue Coloured VINYL

Side A

  1. Space
  2. Business
  3. China Belle
  4. Why Don’t We Try Again
  5. On My Way Up
  6. Cyborg

Side B

  1. The Guv’nor
  2. Wilderness
  3. Slow Down
  4. One Rainy Wish
  5. All The Way From Memphis
  6. Another World