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Spirit (Color Vinyl)

Willie Nelson

    Spirit is the 44th studio album, released in 1996, by American country music singer Willie Nelson. It contains tracks such as “She Is Gone,” “Too Sick To Pray,” “I Thought About You, Lord,” and more. Available on 140g limited clear vinyl.




    Side A

    1. Matador
    2. She Is Gone
    3. Your Memory Won't Die In My Grave
    4. I'm Not Trying To Forget You Anymore
    5. Too Sick To Pray
    6. Mariachi
    7. I’m Waiting Forever

    Side B

    1. We Don’t Run
    2. I Guess I've Come To Live Here In Your Eyes
    3. It’s A Dream Come True
    4. I Thought About You, Lord
    5. Spirit Of E9
    6. Matador