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Synchronicity (Super Deluxe Edition 4LP)

The Police

The first comprehensive archival album project for The Police. Expanded multi-format reissues featuring unreleased bonus material, new liner notes and interviews, rare archive memorabilia & unseen photographs. All tracks are remastered directly from the original source tapes. Audio remastered at Abbey Road Studios.



  1. Synchronicity I (Side A)
  2. Walking In Your Footsteps (Side A)
  3. O My God (Side A)
  4. Mother (Side A)
  5. Miss Gradenko (Side A)
  6. Synchronicity II (Side A)
  7. Every Breath You Take (Side B)
  8. King Of Pain (Side B)
  9. Wrapped Around Your Finger (Side B)
  10. Tea In The Sahara (Side B)

LP2 (Bonus)

  1. Murder By Numbers (Side C)
  2. Truth Hits Everybody (Remix) (Side C)
  3. Man In A Suitcase (Live At The Variety Theatre, Los Angeles, USA / 16th January 1981) (Side C)
  4. Someone To Talk To (Side C)
  5. Message In A Bottle (Live At The Gusman Cultural Center, Miami, USA / 26th October 1979) (Side C)
  6. I Burn For You (Side C)
  7. Once Upon A Daydream (Side D)
  8. Tea In The Sahara (Live At The Omni, Atlanta, USA / 3rd November 1983) (Side D)
  9. Every Breathe You Take (Backing Track) (Side D)
  10. Roxanne (Backing Track) (Side D)
  11. Wrapped Around Your Finger (Live At The Omni, Atlanta, USA / 3rd November 1983) (Side D)
  12. Every Bomb You Make (Side D)

LP3 (Unreleased)

  1. Synchronicity I (Alternate Mix) (Side E)
  2. Synchronicity I (Instrumental) (Side E)
  3. Walking In Your Footsteps (Alternate Mix)(Side E)
  4. O My God (Alternate Mix) (Side E)
  5. Mother (Instrumental) (Side E)
  6. Miss Gradenko (Alternate Mix) (Side E)
  7. Synchronicity II (Out-Take) (Side F)
  8. Synchronicity II (Extended Version) (Side F)
  9. Synchronicity II (Instrumental)(Side F)
  10. Every Breath You Take (Alternate Mix) (Side F)

LP4 (Unreleased)

  1. King Of Pain (Alternate Version) (Side G)
  2. King Of Pain (Alternate Mix) (Side G)
  3. Wrapped Around Your Finger (Alternate Mix) (Side G)
  4. Wrapped Around Your Finger (Instrumental) (Side G)
  5. Tea In The Sahara (Alternate Mix) (Side G)
  6. Loch (Side H)
  7. Ragged Man (Side H)
  8. Goodbye Tomorrow (Side H)
  9. Truth Hits Everybody (Remix / Out-Take) (Side H)
  10. Three Steps To Heaven (Side H)
  11. Rock And Roll Music (Side H)