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The Visitors (50th Anniversary) (4 X 7" Boxed Set)


ABBA release a suite of deluxe products for their 8th studio album The Visitors with a new collection of vinyl products.

7″ boxset includes 4 singles from the album, each with a b-side companion track.

The set features 4 colour discs (silver, orange, pink, blue) housed in a lift-off lid box. Individual sleeves incorporate classic band imagery from the original era.


Disc 1 - Side A

  1. One Of Us

Disc 1 - Side B

  1. Should I Laugh Or Cry

Disc 2 - Side A

  1. Head Over Heels

Disc 2 - Side B

  1. The Visitors

Disc 3 - Side A

  1. The Day Before You Came

Disc 3 - Side B

  1. Cassandra

Disc 4 - Side A

  1. Under Attack

Disc 4 - Side B

  1. You Owe Me One