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Life. Legacy. Music 2LP Translucent Red 2LP


2019 sees the return of Streetheart to playing live shows after a two-year hiatus to mark and honour the passing of lead vocalist Kenny Shields in 2017. Original founding members Daryl Gutheil and Ken ìSpiderî Sinnaeve along with Jeff Neill will be joined by Paul McNair (Harlequin) on lead vocals and David Langguth (Kim Mitchell/Nelly Furtado) on drums to reignite the songs and legacy of one of Canadaís most iconic R&R bands.

Since the bandís inception in 1977, Streetheart has always prided itself in presenting their music with a high level of skill, energy and execution and the new lineup promises a continuance of that long tradition. A list of hits that includes Under My Thumb, Here Comes The Night, Hollywood, Tin Soldier, What Kind Of Love Is This and Action, along with the most requested tracks from their catalogue of platinum albums, guarantee Streetheartís ability to deliver top quality, highly entertaining shows to their audiences night after night.

Streetheart has maintained a strong and loyal fanbase for over 40 years and that continues with ëLife. Legacy. Musicí a new compilation that includes all of the bandís biggest and best known radio staples along with some rarities that fans have been waiting for including the first featured track ìNatureís Wayî a previously unheard cover of The Spirit classic and the last recorded Streetheart track to feature Kenny Shields.

Support has been strong from both the fans and throughout the industry regarding the bandís return to playing live and we anticipate great things ahead for Streetheart in 2019 and beyond.