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Loreena McKennitt

The Mask & Mirror Live LP (w/ signed bonus art postcard)

Loreena McKennitt

Due for release on May 17th 2024, The Mask and Mirror Live celebrates the 30th anniversary
of an in-concert recording of Loreena McKennitt's then newly-released fifth studio album The
Mask and Mirror. This live recording was captured at the Palace of Fine Arts, San Francisco on
May 19th 1994 for radio syndication throughout the US and Canada.
Five of the songs from The Mask and Mirror that were performed that night are released here
for the first time and all but three of the tracks included in the cd edition are previously
unreleased. The Mask and Mirror Live includes many staples of the McKennitt canon including
The Mystic's Dream, The Bonny Swans, Marrakesh Night Market and The Dark Night Of The
Original 1994 promotional cds featuring the complete radio broadcast from that night soon
became sought-after items among collectors of Loreena rarities.
By the late spring of 1994 Loreena McKennitt was already on her way to cementing a
commercial breakthrough across four continents for her then recently released recording, The
Mask and Mirror, earning, in the process, platinum sales awards in Canada, Australia, Italy and
the United States plus gold awards in Spain, France, Argentina and Germany. New audiences for
Loreena's music were also seeded in musical cultures as diverse as those of Greece, Turkey,
Scandinavia, Brazil, Mexico and Chile.
The Mask on Mirror went on to sell more than 1 million copies in the US and more than 2
million worldwide.

Includes 11.8" x 11.8" autographed art card. Depiction of this product is a digital rendering and for illustrative purposes only. Actual product detailing may vary. 


Side One
1. The Mystic's Dream (7:22)
2. The Bonny Swans (6:54)
3. The Dark Night Of The Soul (6:13)
4. Marrakesh Night Market (6:45)

Side Two
1. Full Circle (4:44)
2. Santiago (5:24)
3. The Two Trees (6:48)
4. Prospero's Speech (4:06)