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janet. Deluxe 3LP

Janet Jackson

This 3LP version of Janet's self-titled album, commemorates the 30th anniversary of her seminal GRAMMY® Award-winning fifth full-length album, janet. It will be available in a special 3LP limited edition package with a third LP of bonus material, presented in a Tri-Gatefold with an upgraded jacket, and rarely seen photo collage.




Side A

  1. Morning
  2. That's The Way Love Goes
  3. You Know
  4. You Want This
  5. Be A Good Boy
  6. If


Side B

  1. Back
  2. This Time
  3. Go On Miss Janet
  4. Throb
  5. What'll I Do
  6. The Lounge
  7. Funky Big Band


Side C

  1. Racism
  2. New Agenda
  3. Love Part 2
  4. Because Of Love
  5. Wind
  6. Again
  7. Another Lover
  8. Where Are You Now


Side D

  1. Hold On Baby
  2. The Body That Loves You
  3. Rain
  4. Any Time, Any Place
  5. Are You Still Up
  6. Sweet Dreams
  7. Whoops Now


Side E

  1. And On And On
  2. 70's Love Groove
  3. One More Chance


Side F

  1. You Want This (Remix) (feat. MC Lyte)
  2. Where Are You Now (Nelle Hooper Mix)
  3. Because Of Love (Muggs 7" With Bass Intro)
  4. That's The Way Love Goes (CJ R&B 7" Mix)